Mockfire: The Tool Every Social Media Marketer Needs

Mockfire: The Tool Every Social Media Marketer Needs

Social media constantly introduces new techniques with different types of content, filters and ads to keep users engaged. The more captivating a post is, the more engagement it is bound to receive. Businesses are finding new ways to communicate their message to their followers in simple, visually pleasing ways. As a marketer, shouldn’t you do the same?


When you communicate and share content with your clients, it is vital that what they see is aesthetically pleasing and easy to comprehend. A lot of clients are new to outsourcing marketing efforts and nothing puts them off more than receiving documents with captions and images scattered across. Luckily, Mockfire is a simple solution.

Mockfire combines all your captions, graphics and call to actions into professional social media mockups that can be downloaded for free and shared with your clients and colleagues. You’ll be able to see how your content will look on any social network even before it’s published – that’s priceless!

Why are social media mockups so important?


It’s a well known fact that people approve of information faster when they get to see the whole picture. Like any other visual content, it can be frustrating when you have to look for pieces of content and then try to put everything together, while imagining what the final product would look like.


Social media marketing is very similar. Most marketers and agencies have to share content with clients to get approvals before they publish anything. More often than not, approvals take longer because clients are busy with their daily workflow and approving content requires them to spend a considerable amount of time combing through the scattered captions and images. Wouldn’t that be frustrating?


Instead, why not present your content in easily digestible mockups that show your clients the whole picture? This helps you build trust with your clients and also gets those posts approved faster.

What is Mockfire?

Mockfire is a free social media mockup tool with an interactive editor. You can use the mockup tool to transform your social media content into professional mockups and proudly show them off to your clients and colleagues.

Mockfire integrates with all the popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. There are multiple mockup templates for each social network so you can conveniently craft mockups for every type of post under the sun.

There is also a Google mockup editor for you to create real-world mockups of your google banners ads. It’s the only mockup tool that offers this feature at the moment and its simple drag-and-drop editor makes it really easy to use.

How can I use Mockfire?


Mockfire’s interface is dummy-proof, making it effortless to use for even the most novice user.


Begin by selecting the social network you want to create a mockup for. If you pick Facebook, you will see mockup templates for posts, image/video ads, carousel ads, albums and stories. Similarly, every social network has a wide range of mockup templates for you to customize.


Pick the mockup template you like and begin customizing it by entering the brand logo, brand name, caption, call to action and upload the relevant graphics. As you customize each field the preview on the right updates in real time giving you a feel of the final mockup.


Once you’re done customizing your mockup, you can download it in PNG and JPG – whichever you prefer. Mockfire doesn’t limit the number of mockups you can create so whether you’re looking for just one or a thousand social media mockups, it wouldn’t matter.


Every downloaded mockup is saved with the brand name you entered into the editor. This makes it easy to recognize in your downloads folder. We recommend trying multiple mockups with different captions and graphics so you can A/B test which is the best post or ad before you publish it on social media.


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