2020 iPad Pro Review – An Artist Review

2020 iPad Pro Review - An Artist Review

The new 2020 iPad pro pretty awesome but is it a worthwhile upgrade let’s find out. I’ll give you that this is not the most exciting hardware update we have ever seen I mean the coolest part of the new iPad Pro isn’t the iPad itself but the fancy keyboard cover and that’s not even gonna show up until May.

There are so many questions about it, let’s take a look at this iPad to let’s roll through the improvements first we have a new processor they’re calling it the A12Z Bionic chip now this is replacing the last chip which is the an of 12X Bionic chip second we have an upgraded camera along the back it has a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens and a lidar sensor lidar lid dar I’m not sure how it’s pronounced it’s a laser on the back of your iPad we also have a nice storage bump now the entry-level iPad is starting at 128 gigs better Wi-Fi the ability to shoot 4k video and studio-quality microphones and the mic sounds like pretty good nothing wrong with any of these features but the real question is why would anyone upgrade.

Well if you have a 2018 iPad pro you shouldn’t. The iPad Pro has been on a pretty consistent 18-month refresh cycle since it first came out and it was due for an update this is really for anyone who’s new to the world of iPads or maybe has an older iPad that wants to upgrade to the pro this is the one to get or if you just love this form factor you could probably now go out and find a discounted or refurbished older model that still works amazingly well for a lower price.

it doesn’t look like there have been any structural changes to the iPad this year, let’s talk about this processor a little bit there is no doubt here that the a12 Z Bionic chip is impressive it has eight cores it’s the best ARM chip you can get on an iPad it rocks the benchmarks and Apple comes right out and says that this thing is more powerful than most laptops

I’m just gonna take Apple with their word. Here Ipad apps at least the ones I use are optimized to run on far less for example procreate runs amazingly well on the low-end 329 dollar iPad there are some trade-offs in terms of how many layers you can use that that has more to do with the amount of RAM that’s available on that iPad then it does the processes speaking of RAM the most important upgrade for me is that jump from four gigabytes to six gigabytes it’s definitely gonna help out your drawing applications procreate for example should at least in theory be getting more layers because of that on Twitter they said they’re looking into it right now procreate is locked at 91 layers when you try to use the default screen size on this iPad just like the 2018 iPad is because they are looking into it I expect that to change in a future update also procreate which is usually rock-solid for me has been pretty crashy well I’ve been using it in fact you may notice that several times in the speed draw running in the background of the video seems to happen most when I’m using the color fill tool but hopefully that’s something that’s also cleaned up in a future update I’m sure there are a lot of applications out there that do need this kind of processing power but for drawing in art apps it’s it’s really overkill at least you can take heart knowing that this thing is still gonna run fine years from now what about that camera you have a wide-angle and an ultra wide-angle camera on the back of this thing that third camera is actually not a camera it’s Theed lidar sensor for AR there were a lot of reports that Apple wanted to do a live event but due to health concerns they decided wisely of course that that just wasn’t an option for this year it feels to me like the camera and the lidar sensor got the short end of that stick Apple rarely put something into the hardware just to have it there when they have something like this sensor they usually bacon some functionality to show off what can be done with it give real-world examples of its use this is an area where that lidar scanner really could use a good demonstration especially since a lot of the AR examples that I’ve personally seen in the past have been kind of underwhelming

I’m just really curious what does Apple has planned for this expensive little sensor that they’ve stuck in the back of their new iPad.I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some cool applications for it at the online-only WWDC this year so am I really that unimpressed at this point it really does sound like I don’t like this thing but that could it be farther from the truth it’s just that the things. I really really like about this iPad we’re all present in the last generation model and I absolutely love my 2018 iPad pro first. I’ve always been a big fan of apples more squared-off designs they’re easier to hold and grip than the softer rounded edges of the old iPads or even the newer iPhones now this new squared-off design it does have a very practical reason for existing it was rolled out to accommodate the new style of pencil charging where the flat edge of the pencil magnetically sticks to the edge of the iPad and automatically charges it the pencil, not the iPad and that was by far my favourite feature in the 2018 iPad pro before my pencil was always running out of juice my productivity would grind to a halt cuz I would need to charge my pencil every 20 minutes. Half hour even though it charges pretty fast it was still pretty jarring when you were in the zone and being fairly productive now that pencil lives on my iPad it rarely drops below 50%, in fact, I can only think of one or two times in the last year and a half that it actually got down to zero and died and that was more my fault for not putting it along the side of the iPad and having it sit on my desk for days on end there’s other stuff 


I liked here too the screen is beautiful the colors are vibrant there’s a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate all of these things are fantastic these things don’t necessarily change your drawing experience that much but taken together they do make a nice little upgrade over the less expensive iPads Apple sells plus they’ve got the USB type-c port the ability to attach things like external storage or peripherals those things come in handy too but for any artist or illustrator really the meat of this is how it works with the Apple pencil and the Apple pencil still is always has been fantastic it’s just great to draw with it’s accurate it’s crisp the pressure feels amazing it’s just a really top of the line tool and always has been like I mentioned before magnetically connects to the top of the iPad for charging stays on there pretty well – it’s important to note that the pencil does not come with the iPad pro it is another $130 and if you’ve been wondering if it might be worth getting the cheaper first-generation Apple pencil it won’t work with these newer iPad pros that’s not Apple being a jerk that’s just because they change the way that the pencil pairs and charges with the newer iPads what about those cheaper styluses that promise a lot for a fraction of the price again don’t bother those are laggy and they’re frustrating and if you’re gonna spend the money on an iPad pro go the extra mile and get the Apple pencil it is the only iPad stylus that is worth using period what about sidecar sidecar is just okay I mean it is a great second screen so if you want to use your iPad with your Mac as a second screen absolutely go for it it’s fantastic for that my problem has always been the Apple pencil integration it just feels a little bit slow it feels a little bit laggy if you use it for more than 30 seconds you’ll totally see what I mean it just feels just a fraction of a bit off this is basically to say everything .

 I always put some kind of matte screen protector on my iPads just because it feels so much better to draw with there is a trade-off to those screen protectors though it does refract some of the colours it does dull some of the colours gives it a slightly grainy almost rainbowy feel if you’re moving it around and look at the screen from certain angles I personally am more than happy to make that trade-off to get that better drawing experience but if colour accuracy is the thing that might drive you nuts IOS keeps improving it did take me a while to get used to the hand gestures and lack of a face button on the iPad but now all of those things are second nature the one problem with the iPads UI is that a lot of these things aren’t really discoverable if you know what 

I mean you have to know that swiping from the bottom left corner of your screen makes a screenshot or that you could put multiple apps and the slide over and toggle between them if you’re brand new to the iPad or you just haven’t explored this stuff it’s worth taking a look at some of the tutorials on YouTube about how to use all the touch gestures because there are so many little things hidden in the interface of the iPad pro a new iPad OS 13.4 dropped the day this iPad came out the main reason is that they updated trackpad support for the upcoming iPad keyboard that’s coming in May since it is out early you can try it out I connected my Magic Trackpad to this thing to take a four roll and it’s pretty good it feels best when it’s paired with a keyboard art apps don’t take advantage of this because the update just came out but I can see affinity designer being big upgrade since vector apps are much more useful oftentimes when you’re using a keyboard or Mouse it’s just more accurate that’s something 


I’ll be keeping my eye on over the next several months and seeing if those updates are forthcoming I like that the mouse here isn’t just a pointer like it is on Samsung decks when you plug an Android phone into a monitor you can tell Apple took what they learned from the last version of iPad OS and thought through this hybrid mouse touchscreen thing before pushing this release out buttons become highlights app icons get kind of touchy Wiggly when you mouse over up and right now I’m not finding this touchpad super useful but I’m glad it’s here it has a ton of upside and his developers start designing around it the usability is only gonna get better and better which iPad is right for you this is the eternal question I will say this if you’re gonna be drawing large-scale files like full-size comic book pages and you want lots of layers and lots of stuff the iPad pro is definitely the way to go and the reason why is it just has more RAM than some of the lower end models of iPads which allows you more layers when you’re drawing in apps like procreate if you’re drawing an other apps were that isn’t necessarily a problem the apps will just crash less often looking at you Adobe fresco but beyond that I still think the three hundred and twenty nine dollar standard-issue iPad with an Apple pencil is a phenomenal deal a lot of the features that are only available on the iPad pro like the charging and the nicer screen things like that yeah they’re great to have but do you need them no you really don’t another common question 


I get is this a PC replacement can this replace my computer it’s mmm this one is a hard question for some people it’s gonna be yes for most people I still think it’s gonna be no I personally am on Team no for me the iPad is a companion device I use it in conjunction with my computer it’s my mobile sketch pad it’s my main art creation tool I do a lot of writing on it with the keyboard cover but for work, I’m still on my laptop now granted a lot of my work nowadays is video editing which is just gonna be a lot faster smooth or easier on a laptop a huge part of it for me is file management and multitasking you can multitask on an iPad I know I know but that’s really light multitasking it’s hard to have multiple Photoshop documents open at once and working in between them, in fact, it’s just flat out and possible or just moving many files at once though it’s better than it used to it’s still a little bit clunky I like a good Finder window I will say this it is light years better than it was just two years ago and since it is better and it does keep improving for some folks that’s gonna be good enough this is one of those areas where 


I get a lot is which size iPad should I get this obviously comes in two sizes there are the 11 inches and there’s the 12.9 again I personally really like the 12.9 I like the bigger area that I can draw on the nice thing about most iPad apps though is that that there isn’t a lot of cruft there isn’t a lot of extra like panels and graphics and stuff in the drawing in InDesign apps most of them are kind of hidden away so no matter which size iPad even down to the mini there’s still a lot of drawing space available for you there so which one is better ? there’s no real answer to it, that’s something you’re gonna have to answer yourself so that my friends is the iPad pro 

If you have any comments or questions to ask please comment down below .Thank you for READING.


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