Graphic design trends for 2021

Graphic design
trends for 2021

Graphic design trends for 2021 are grounded in the here and now and are inspired by the needs of people. In the online world, lockdown, forced closure of stores and educational institutions have had an enormous impact. Distance learning, online shopping, and the search for entertainment have all seen rapid growth. Fast speeds, easy navigation, and increased security, as well as the rise of the battery saving, eye-saving dark mode are all here to stay. 

The latest graphic design trends are working with these aspects, enhancing them visually, enhancing the brand experience and the logo ripple effect. In 2021 I just want to give all you creative designers some insight into what the popular trends and fashions of 2021 will be, out with the old and in with the new , according to me.




  • 3D design

The 3D design trend is getting cooler, cooler. Designers are making the most of new technology and software capabilities. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in high-performance UI web design and apps are a big part of the trend.

3D visuals will be impactful, not just pushed as a minor element but taking centre stage. The hot trend of combing photographic images with illustrative elements is also influencing 3D. Trending designers are combining 3D designs with photos or flat illustrations.

These visually spectacular designs are not only for artistic value, they interest the spectator and involve them, keep their attention and have a critical effect on the bounce rate. Nice style for an edge that is realistic. Check out this awesome range we’ve curated for you to see the kind of red hot style that has taken up so much steam that it’s going to be tough to avoid. Inspiring beauty from the very best designers around today.

By – Mako Tsereteli

  • Emoji Design

Emoji are the present type of pictograms that allow designers to add feeling to statements, blogs, or printed media. The more and more innovative and fun use of emojis is going to be the theme for 2021.

 To build them, consider different types and methods, but also different forms and locations to implement them into your projects. When everything is everywhere, it’s time to be creative. You need to be different. The use of Emojis produces an answer and a reaction, lightening the mood (and we all need that)

  • Nature-Inspired Design

Natural design trends have been coming up slowly on the sidelines of the top trends for the last 10 years or so. The idea of mimicking nature, natural lights, softer, earthy colours and tones, natural gradients in colour schemes, flowing lines are coming back into fashion.

The hunger for nature is a well-documented side effect of the current pandemic condition. People who for long stretches have been deprived of the possibility of outside having the sudden desire to make reasons to sneak away. By expressing the atmosphere, advertising designers may well do right. Let the mountain come to you if you can’t go to the mountain.

The essential qualities of nature are suitable for all designs, all techniques, and all commercial fields.

  • Optical Illusion Design

Optical Illusion design is ideal for holding the attention and keeping the evermore busy viewer on your site. 2021 will be the year when designers get truly funky with this fashion.

The more you look, the more you need to look. But a note of caution, there is a time and a place. Overcomplication is not good so think about the usage. Is it appropriate? It is overbearing? Over confusing? Is the illusion of doing the job of adding to the design or has it taken the essence away purely for the sake of looking wild?

  • 3D Typography Design

Typography production had it in 2020 with artists using all kinds of playful ideas and concepts and fans taking it in a big way. The 2021 projection is that the 2020 successful typography designs will be translated into 3D. Ultra-realistic lettering that looks like you should get in and touch it. 

Alongside this 3D there are features of animation, texture and pattern. In fact, typography design is increasingly becoming a major emblem of creativity in graphic design, using all the most trendy techniques.

  • Cartoon Illustrations in Design

Custom illustrations are a great way to make your website stand out from the generic blur of websites. Illustrations are more varied, interesting, multi-technique than ever before. Next popular design trend in the illustration is going to be custom cartoon characters.

Cartoons are useful for branding and building a product or web feel. You can use the characters on the website, business cards, flyers, presentation items. You’re going to be dazzled by the consistency, range, and combination of styles.

  • Gold Design

Metallic effects in the design are becoming and set to become uber-trendy in 2021. Already popular in product design, look at the latest smartphones. They fit in perfectly with a drift towards minimalist design.

Designers have effectively experimented with diverse metallic appearances, such as silver, bronze, and lead. Gold shows all the differences between metallic design, matte, glossy.

  • Voxel Art Design

A voxel is a 3D cube, basically the 2d version of a 2D pixel. You’ll have seen it in many video games such as Minecraft and it has an instantly recognizable style. A highly visual technique, it’s slightly childish simplicity and retro appeal yet it is incredibly modern. It’s dynamic and fun, and very, very memorable.

  • Monochrome & Duotone Design

The idea of a very limited palette has been around for a while in modern design. Partly influenced by a smooth, cool look and vibe but also as compensation for the increase in illustrations and other complex graphics.

The logical next step is duotone and monochrome designs, which allow designers to create a background environment. It’s convenient for designers to use monochromatic filters and play with dual tones. Another positive point is the automatic sense of order and balance that this type of design offers.

  • Geometric Shapes Design

The idea of using individual shapes to create larger more complex ones. Large blocks and solids often with strong colours and outline mix and united to produce imaginative combinations.

3D infographics are becoming more popular as a way of depicting images. The relationships involved form something much bigger than the individual components. These iconic designs are inspired by the growing influence of infographics in the 21st century.

1) 3D Geometric Shapes in Design

It will be all the rage in 2021 to manage to combine the versatility of block architecture with the depth, shadow, and gradient effects of 3D. It offers great space for creative innovation and design in a deceptively simple and appealing way.


2) Simple Geometric Shapes in Design

There’s an art to producing something ingeniously memorable from basic shapes. It’s something to look out for in 2021
  • Colourless Design

In a fast, ultra-sensational, look-at-me world, a clever option is not to compete with bigger and brighter but to head off in the opposite direction. 2020 saw a move toward muted palettes and 2021 looks like taking that one step further. A scheme designed to create an atmosphere and let the other effects; movement, shadows, animation, liquified organic shapes, content, stand out. Softer on the eyes strained by hours on the computer, it’s the permanent dark mode design that works brilliantly well with soft sepias, and minimal highlight colours. Ultimately very cool and super effective.

  • Comics and pop art

Graphic artists are resurrecting the grainy shades, the thick ink and the action lines of retro comics. This style will give new life to classic minimalist movements such as flat design. Web designers will crack the grid of slanting panels and distorted forms to create a sense of drama and movement. The creators of 2021 turn to the colour and illustrative methods of their graphic novels to rescue industrial architecture.S

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