Apply These 4 Secret Principles To Improve your Logo Designing skills RIGHT NOW!


What are the main principles for a winning logo design? let’s explore the four pillars of logo designing with actual live examples in today’s post right here at thelearningcurv.

Now you might have heard about some of these before but do follow along so you can be reminded of how crucially important these four principles are and see if you are doing things right in the design process it might be a good idea to bookmark today’s post so you can refer back to it at any point in future.

First one

Logo design projects logo designs do need to be simple. For many many important reasons, firstly if the logo is the busy and overly complicated message of the brand isn’t going to be conveyed that well and this could cause damage to the brand’s effectiveness and the success simple logo design is easy to remember which is a huge win for any brand or business. They do want to remain in the minds of the end consumer which is crucially important.

Now here’s a small trick at branding agencies and professional logo. Designers know about brands want to play on the emotions of their consumers and if a logo design is simple then the user is going to react emotionally to that design whereas a complicated and intricate design is going to result in cognition being used as opposed to emotion brands and businesses one the logo designs to evoke emotion because that then leads to more of an affinity with the brand and thus more spending on the part of the consumer.

So the key thing to take away from the first principle of simplicity is that a logo design should be simple so it’s more memorable in the end-user or consumer of that very logo design, less is often more when it comes to designing a logo and so try and simplify your logos as much as possible.



Scalability is so important for logo designs a client is probably going to use the Logo on business cards, apps etc… maybe even as a favicon and A competent logo designer will be aware of this along every single step in the logo.

The design process and you should always pay attention to the scalability of your logo designs which you’re working on them. So scalability is crucial in modern-day graphic design because smartphones are an areally accessible resource to the Internet’s and thus brands and companies are going to have their logos on very small screens more and more and more with each coming year and so, you need to make sure your logos are scalable specifically for smartphones and other forms of media.


The single most important one is legibility this can link back to this scalability but it also is so much more than that sometimes designers will try and be clever or unique by incorporating abstract design elements but this can leave the end-user scratching their heads and not understanding or the logo symbol refers to or in the case of a typographic logo they can’t even read what it says now head scratches are bad for business and so the logo should be legible.

At the drop of a hat and easily recognizable you also want to make sure the logotypes legible so consider things like letting size weights and also font pairing, when designing the logo as a whole, so like with the simplicity you don’t want to add too much to logo design and you don’t want to have too many elements that confuse the message. Clever is not always better and you need to make a strong impact with one solid graphic design and so the logotype and also the logo.

The symbol we do need to be memorable to that end-user how many of the three previous points do you always consider in your Logo designs well let’s move on to the fourth one


And that is relatability so how does the logo relate to the brand’s message and the end-user this is something you want to think about and consider because it’s one of the most fundamental aspects of a logo design when relating to the brand does your design respect the brand’s message your choice of a Logotype and the logo mark itself is essentially the voice of the brand and so you need to understand that voice.

Just think about what is this voice and how can you represent it with a single design that is essentially what a huge part of LOGO designing is all about its just figuring out the voice of the brand of the business and then 

communicating that voice in a simple easy to remember logo design how relatable the logo is to the brand’s target market is important to the success of the business as a whole and thus attracting the company gets after that.

The logo has been launched then there are of course many elements to business success but the logo design is a key and crucial element that needs to be done correctly. for the success of that brand or business.

So yeah, like I said this was a quick but very very useful post on logo designing these four principles should always be in the back of your mind when you’re designing a logo and like I said maybe just but like this post somewhere so you can refer back to it for future logo design projects.

Need to know tips to design logos? especially how to improve your logo designs RIGHT NOW. So check out my post BELOW and see if you can improve your logo designs with these tips today.

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