Hello readers!

My goal with the blog is to help you think about the possibilities that exist for a creative designer / blogger if possible in almost every area, but please understand that I’m doing this as a for-profit business and, honestly, that’s what you can do for your platform if you don’t have a charity initiative in mind.

I’ve always believed in transparency on the website and so just wanted to let you know that I ( Anahat Srihari ) also use affiliate links for the promoting of certain products and services on my website ( TheLearningCurv ). I just recommend these products/services because I think that they are of great quality and that you will definitely benefit from these products/services.

That said, I also receive an affiliate fee whenever you buy these products/services following my unique affiliate links on the website. Paid by the retailer with NO Extra Expense On you.

This is the way it works:

The URL immediately states that you have come from outside when you click on an associate link on one of the pages or posts that go to an affiliate retailer. I will receive a small fee that helps pay for my work if you buy that product. (It doesn’t cost you more; the price is the same as if you went to the site directly.)


In one of three ways in this blog, such affiliation ties are disclosed:

   1) On a blog post: 

Right under the top meta details, under the blog post title, you can find the following disclaimer on all single blog-post pages:

“This post may include affiliates links. In other words, I get a commission at no cost to you if you buy through my links. Read the full disclosure here.”


  2) In several pages and blog posts where several different affiliate links for various products and/or services are available:

‘Some of the following links are affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you choose to click the link and buy. This commission is free of charge and paid by the seller 100%.” 

(Or any variant of the message mentioned above.)

  3) A disclosure of affiliates may appear as follows in some pages or posts where there are fewer affiliate links: 

An affiliate disclosure might appear as follows on certain pages or blogs, where there are fewer affiliate links:

Title of Product/Service [affiliate]

  4) Amazon Affiliate links on pages and posts

Thelearningcurv is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Scheme, an affiliate ads program designed to offer a way to promote and link to for websites to receive advertising fees. Amazon offers a minor fee from its affiliate links on products sold. At no extra cost to you, each of your purchases via our Amazon affiliation links helps our cause.

If a blogger connects to an Amazon product (with a special affiliate code inserted in the post), and within 24 hours of clicking the link, a reader puts an item in their “shopping cart” via that link, the blogger gets a small percentage of the purchase. Amazon links are not “pay per click.” But, I would get commission on the purchase if you click on the product connection and hang around Amazon and buy something else.

You can see a page at any time that looks like…… Or at…. It is an affiliate connection from Amazon

Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions about this disclosure or any of the affiliate products and/or services I promote:

E-mail :