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Hi, my name is V H Anahat Srihari I am an artist based in India. I started my designing journey at every young age and most of the designing skills that I right now have or acquired are self-taught or inspired by many supercool creative artists out there.

Now I am a full-time graphic artist and the creator of ideas and ocean of imagination with my heart I always try to make ideas and creative imagination come to life and love to have experiments and challenges with my art.

As the quote goes
” It’s through mistakes that you grow. You have to get bad to get good at something.” – Paula Scher

So I am still in a learning curve where I try to make myself better every day take up new challenges and experiment a lot. This is what grows me every time and here I am to share my experience, tips, and work. So that I can help and inspire other creative people out there who needs help and a daily dose of inspiration to push them to the best.


Founded designed and curated by V H Anahat Srihari designer based in India. TheLearningCurv Is a great source for digital art inspiration. It brings you hand-picked high-quality inspiration. With the main focus on all the creative minds out there and help them bring out their creative versions. And help them Start their creative learning curve so that everyone can improve themselve

TheLearningCurv daily dose of creative inspiration ideas for you and is an attempt to inspiring stimulate Minds of creative people by featuring best design. Art and innovation creative work that I go through I hopes that by sharing these projects and inspiration. I encourage others to create more amazing work and bring your creative side out.

I believe that there is a very creative artist in everyone, you just have to find it and help it grow. Sometimes it’s very hard to do that, even I faced the same condition of confusion, lack of inspiration and self – double sometimes its to start or tough to decide. This blog that  is for helping me reaching out to others who need help and helping others to get inspired and start their creative journey

I hope you enjoy our blog as much as I enjoy writing it .lf you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me in the contact section.

None of the images on this block is owned by us unless stated otherwise if all the images that we use our stock royalty-free images that are mostly taken from unsplash.com 


 -To inspire  AND HELP all the great minds to start their creative learning curve-