4 Tips to improve your logo design : for beginners

4 Tips to improve your logo design : for beginners

I have 4 AWESOME today and need to know tips to design logos, especially how to improve your logo designs RIGHT NOW. So check out my post and see if you can improve your logo designs with these tips today.

Logo designing is an art form requiring both skill and technique, and a creative eye. There are still forms and space for enhancing your logos and today I have 4 (actually 5 with a bonus tip) about how you can better your logo design.

Some of the tips are technical and some are creative, but they’re all relevant and you’ll see why they matter. So let me know if you’d like to see more logo design, much like the uploads today. So be sure to let me know what you think about logo design content, like this one.

Today four ways to improve your Logo designs right now remember if you want to improve your skills as a graphic designer subscribe to thelearningcurv for weekly graphic design and blogging content tune in and read to all of the four tips that I have for you today and see if you can improve your logo designs right now.

First tip

The first way that you can improve your logo design is a technical tip based around alignment now we should all know how to use the align tool in Adobe Illustrator however it does have certain flaws.

In Illustrator we simply select them all and then use the align function pretty simple stuff right , well the problem is that illustrator would align the text to the later design but it doesn’t use the text itself rather a user the text box that’s around there is a slight gap between the text and the text box.

alignment shortcuts

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if outline the text and then perform the same operation of aligning everything together you can see illustrator compensate for that small gap between the text box and the text now this might seem insignificant , but on certain logo designs and the certain fonts even calls a big issue with alignment on your logo designs.

So instead of using the align function is best to use rulers and guides in Illustrator for more precision on your logos, if you press command or control + R on your keyboard this will bring up the rulers to which you can then make some guides for your logos. And as you proceed to set up logo according to the guides you’re going to notice how the text box and the text itself admire to the same size and this is where issues can arise when aligning your Logos, yeah the best bet is to manually go in and align everything yourself with the guides we don’t want our line the text because we might want to edit it at a later stage.

So the first of four tips today is to pay very close attention to aligning your logo designs because you want to keep everything precise and On Point to guarantee a professional and decent logo design alignment is super important with the logo designing.

Second tip

The second tip that I have for you today is a big one that may seem any beginner designers getting wrong quite often typography is one of the things that takes a time to get right and to gain an eye for but you can always take a look at your current logo designs and try to kind of evaluate whether or not the logotype works for your design .So, for example, it’s obvious to me that this bold typeface on a corporate logo is not working for the design it seems too playful which the tracks away from the brand’s . And  font pairing is essential to quality logo design take care of that also.

Third tip

 We’re going to take a look at colour, the colours that you choose are super important to the context and the message conveyed to the viewer ,like the orange design works pretty well with the dark blue  that’s because they’re complementary colours but also orange is an energetic colour that reflects action and positivity which is ideal for some specific brands. 

It’s always good to be aware of the colours that you choose for your logo so go back and reevaluate the colours that you use on your designs and see if they need revising also too much colour on one 

design is confusing and unprofessional in most cases I have a bonus tip after the fourth tip today so stay tuned for that

Fourth tip

Today is going to keep things simple , obviously in logo design simplicity works wonders a simple logo is easier to remember in peoples minds and it just looks more visually appealing. So try and convey the brand message in one simple local mark, so it’s a surefire way to get a design done right you can look in a tourist logo designs and how they have changed over time becoming ever more simplistic and also see logo designs that have failed because they’re too complex adding in too many design details elements is always going to be confusing to the viewer , so be simple with the design.


Bonus tip

Today’s bonus tip is very important and that is to remember the brand’s message .

Inherent logic this means that when someone mainly those from the target audience looks at a piece of design they should immediately know at least what the brand is what they represent and some other aspects that are core to the brand .

The logo needs to be relevant to the brand to always remember that always revert back to what the logo has been designed for and there’s actually represent the brand .

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Thank you for reading 🙂

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