10 FREE! graphic design tools to try

10 FREE! graphic design tools to try

Today I’ve got some real design treasure for you all as I’ve got some hot and some free resources for graphic designers in 2020 now we’re talking about fonts templates inspiration and all kinds of creative goodies.


Font fabric 

So the first resource is a really neat place to find fonts for commercial use ,today we’re looking at font fabric one thing that is great about this resource is the aesthetics I mean just take a look at how neat this homepage looks having a browse around the categories we have a lot an offer but let’s head into the Sun serif menu and take a look again this site has a very neat and a well-thought-out design something that isn’t missed on passionate designers like myself I’m sure so here is one of my favorite font families and again just take a look at the neat header displaying the fonts name you can download it for free and the key thing here is that you have the approval to use this font for commercial projects but yet do you read each license before downloading and using the fonts now at the bottom it shows the related funds and in this instance it doesn’t actually fit the fonts at all to be honest but finally with this website you can see the font in action by checking out the font to test this action you have options to adjust and test the font of your choice to see how it functions in real life and this is a great font library catalog .

Link To The Website


Logo moose

 But let’s move on to the second resource into this video logo moose is a source of inspiration for logo designers and it does have quite a large catalog of existing designs I’m personally a huge fan of something called logo lounge and if you’re aware of their books in our website you will know how awesome it is but that service is $100 per year but today we have a free resource each logo is graded out of 5 stars and you can find the authors here below and how many logos have actually uploaded now I’m going to admit right off the bat that there actually are quite a few bad designs in this catalogue there also are some good ones too so that can spark your inspiration so giving a quick search and the finance as an example you can see there’s an obvious spectrum of quality or at least that’s what I feel like anyway having a look under the awarded logo section again there is still contrasting quality but I do like this calligraphy star logo and also the Leone logo to the right now you can find some inspiration here for sure and if you really want to you can even upload your very own designs

Link To The Website


Endless icons

So as designers we are strapped for time and often we need icons to go on say a website or an infographic and this website offers a nice catalogue of icons totally for free and if we check out the Terms of Use you can see that you’re able to use them on any project even for commercial use the downloads are available in PNG SVG and I think also PDF if I remember correctly now there is a nice set section here which you can have a browse over for yourself and again these icons are free and you can use them on any projects saving time in this way.

Link To The Website




This is also one of the best sites for free icons to use on your projects you will get a lot of free icons in various styles and formats that you will need in your project and help you to the speed up your project flow.

Link To The Website



 Designers also need access to stock imagery especially those of you who use Photoshop on a regular basis. I’ve seen many websites come and go that offer stock imagery but in 2020 I’m really loving this one called Unsplash and I’m gonna tell you exactly why and its website has some of the highest quality imagery out there and it’s totally free to use the resolution is really high on most of the contents and the cameras used are obviously really high-end as well and as you can see in this cyberpunk search that I’ve entered the imagery is so crisp and so inviting and this is the kind of materials that you do want to be working with as a graphic designer and so that’s why I love Unsplash for my stock imagery resources also when you download the image itself you’re showing the green lights to use this content wherever you like but the days appreciates it if you do thank and appreciate the author of the content but it’s not mandatory.

Link To The Website



Pixels is another great site for stock images ages and it is almost the same like Unsplash the plus side of this site is it provides stock videos as well for your project and it’s all free

Link To The Website

really good emails

Really Good Emails

This is for the freelancers out there who send emails or have an email list this website has tons of templates on both design and code depending on what you are looking for so you can wow a client or a potential client with a neat little email or you can send out a high-end email to notify your email list so to download the email templates you do need to register an account but it’s totally free so it’s not really a big deal, to be honest, there are handy categories sections to look at and I really think this template here on the far right looks very very interesting I recently found this resource myself so I’m gonna be using a whole lot in 2020 for my graphic design business and workflow.

Link To The Website



This next design resource is a kind of a mix mash of things because you can find daily graphic design freebies from things like mock-ups templates fonts and much much more you can browse it with the home page to see the latest freebies or you can just head into one of the categories such as mock-ups for example and of course there is also that search bar to use but yet this site is really handy and it’s updated with new additions on a regular basis what kind of designer can actually deny or throw up graphic design freebies.

Link To The Website


Graphic Burger

Let’s move onto the next item of graphic design resources I’ve been using it for a long time now and that is graphic Burger. I use it a lot for mock-ups alone because I do like to use mock-ups with various design projects in my workflow. I like to assignment posters quite a lot and as you can see there is a nice selection to choose from here you often will actually be directed away from graphic Burger to the actual download page of the item but yet do check out this resource because there is quite a lot for you to choose from and make use of and again, of course, it’s 100% free just be sure to check all licenses before using any resource.

Link To The Website


Now lastly today we have a fast and I hand the image compressor so often when working on a project we want to keep the file size as low as possible and so using large imagery is going to bump things up quite a bit this tool allows you to upload a jpg PNG gif or SVG and then you can compress it while still retaining quality so let’s give it a try and see if we can see any difference in the actual image quality itself the left being the original and the right being the end result so they’re pretty much identical if you ask me and so like everything else you’ve seen today it’s free and you can find it link down below.

Link To The Website

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